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    Fleaesta FAQs

    Celadon’s Fleaesta is an original and local market that takes place on the last Sunday of every month from March – November and the third Sunday in December at Celadon’s Warehouse in North Charleston. Since its start in 2016, our market has seen numerous participating vendors grow from a hobby to a full time business. Our fleaesta is a great place to keep your dollars local, support small businesses, as well as support your local community in a unique and engaging way!

    Where and when?

    Our current fleaesta season runs from March – December at Celadon’s Warehouse located at 2221 Noisette Blvd. North Charleston, SC 29405. Please see below for our 2020 fleaesta schedule.

    2020 Fleaesta Dates:

    March 29 | Celadon Warehouse 10am-2pm

    April 26 | Celadon Warehouse 10am-2pm

    May 31 | Celadon Warehouse 10am-2pm

    June 28 | Celadon Warehouse 10am-2pm

    July 26 | Celadon Warehouse 10am-2pm

    August 30 | Celadon Warehouse 10am-2pm

    September 27 | Celadon Warehouse 10am-2pm

    October 25 | Celadon Warehouse 10am-2pm

    November 29 | Celadon Warehouse 10am-2pm

    December 20 | Celadon Warehouse 10am-2pm

    How do I become a vendor?

    We collect all applications and then determine who are the right vendors for the market and how many can fit into the specific space. Unfortunately, not every vendor that applies is accepted.

    How much does it cost to be a vendor?

    Absolutely free!

    What kind of vendors fit the bill?

    Celadon Fleaesta vendors are those who are selling products that are unique, creative, and visually interesting. We are not looking for booths that sell one item only or products that ‘sales agents’ or ‘individual consultants’ are selling all over the country. We also are not looking for vendors to only exhibit their services or display information. For more information and detail on what we look for in vendors, please visit our TIPS page.

    Fleaesta Vendor Application