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    Summer Whites

    ***This is a “re-post” from when our blog first got up and running…but with a heat index today of 120 degrees  (which seems like a joke)….no better time to pay homage to summer and its signature color …that we embrace all year round. …WHITE***

    Like most good things in life, great style seems to be achieved when it comes organically and does not feel forced. We like to think that the feel of our store is no different.

    Celadon’s look is nestled in a unique ambiguity of casual but dressed-up, masculine but feminine, current but timeless, chic but comfortable, clean but inviting. Riding this fine line is almost our signature. We often find that using natural fibers, textures, and color palettes for the large pieces in a space, and letting the accessories tell the rest of the story creates just this feel. That’s why one of our favorite colors for upholstered furniture here at Celadon is….drum roll……WHITE.

    I know, I know, I know……you are rolling your eyes and fully armed with at least 25 snarky remarks on the practicality (or lack there of) of life with a white sofa. Images of muddy paw prints after the dog takes a seat, junior having a hey day with crayola, or a clumsy moment with a glass of red wine are probably just a few of the mental pictures that have sent you running toward the dark brown sofa that you might currently be sitting on. But life in white is actually easier than you think!!!! Slipcover styles are more popular than ever, and have also stood the test of time. A slipcover style can fit the bill anywhere from the beach to a downtown loft. Choose a quality, durable fabric that can go straight to the washing machine, and there is almost nothing that bleach can’t get out!

    A white sofa or pair of great white, slipcovered chairs are a blank canvas, and create a clean, airy feel that can easily be changed and updated with throw pillows, wall art, rugs (dare I say painted floors), coffee table books, etc. If you are still too scared to take a seat on pure white, then try out large wood pieces with a fresh coat of the color slathered on. It can completely change the feel of a room. Take hints from http://www.whiteberryreinvented.com/

    This DIY diva has made a business out of the color white and has a great blog with before and after shots that really convey the power of white. We love the natural, sophisticated look. Below are some of our favorite white furnishings right here at Celadon as well as some “happy places” from Holly’s blog (one of my latest and greatest obsessions)!

    Keep cool….-R

    P H O T O   C A P T I O N S

    1. This photo was taken here at Celadon this past Fall. We love how the plushy all white bed could not be more inviting, but also lets the natural, rustic bed shine. Throw pillows could take this look in one million different directions depending on your choices.

    2. Also here at Celadon, a variation from stark white, this Natural Duck fabric is probably our most popular for both stock and special order. These slipcovers pull right off for cleaning and swapping out lamps or pillows make for easy updating.

    3. Oh, the bravery! –Ha! Even former Vogue and Elle editor, Kathleen Boonen, is with us on white slipcovers!!  Her daughter, Lila, is getting creative just a few steps away. Have a look at this fantastic post from Design*Sponge that gives a peek into she and her family’s artistic, eclectic home.  Could little Lila be any cuter (I want her outfit!)?? Photos: Juan Carlos Ponsa and Enric Montes

    4. For the truly brave! Life in the Fun Lane Blogger and Whiteberry Reinvented owner, Holly Baker, has fast become one of my favorite design inspirations. Have a look at some of her photos that show not only the power of white upholstery and linens, but the power of a white coat of paint!  A few of my favorites from her blog are below, but if you are a fan of  “Before & Afters” have a look yourself!!! Beware…you could be at your computer for hours.

    5. Holly’s daughter, Wren’s, bedroom.

    6. Dining Room….possibly one of my favorite rooms ever!  All items were found at thrift stores or on Craiglist (including the wingback chairs!!) and repainted by Holly.  Read more on her site and prepare to be inspired!