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    Welcoming Walter G. Textiles to Celadon!

    Walter G. is a perfect combination of traditional and contemporary designs. Every one of these hand block printed textiles is artfully designed Lauren Bennett and Genevieve Fennel. These two Sydney based friends established the company in 2011 after living with a family of artisans in Sanganer, India for 6 months. The company is based on the duo’s ethical principles, love for storytelling, and passion for textiles. Lauren and Genevieve let their worldly experiences inspire every on-of-a-kind piece.

    Block carving is a skill passed down in India from father to son. Each wooden block is intricately hammered, drilled and carved into beautiful one-of-a-kind patterns. These blocks are then soaked in mustard oil for up to a week and aerated to insure they last for decades. After drying the printer dips the wooden block into a dabu paste and quickly stamps the block onto the fabric. Dabu paste serves as resistance that keeps the pattern itself white during the dyeing process. The fabric used for printing is about 6 meters long. The printer meticulously aligns the block pattern and quickly STAMPS it onto the fabric and continues this along the entire length and width. After the dabu has been stamped, a fine sawdust is scattered over the wet paste in order to prevent the design from smudging. After the dusting the fabric is taken out to dry in the sun – fusing the dust and the mud together to seal out the dye. The fabric from there is dipped into a large vat of natural dye. As the fabric reacts with the air it becomes rich in hue. The fabric is dipped repeatedly based on the desired color, once finished, the fabric is laid in the sun to DRY across large fields in the dessert. Once dry, the fabric is soaked in a large outdoor bath for up to a few days and then washed and beaten to remove any of the dabu mud and dust. This is where the original block print turns white. The rest is history.