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    Vogue Living

    I recently re-watched The September Issue , a documentary style profile of the notoriously icy Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine, Anna Wintour, and the making of the 2007 September Issue (which remains the biggest issue to go to print in the magazine’s history). If you are into fashion, …or into business, ….or if you generally want to be “with it” it is a must see!

    I watched a vignette on 60 Minutes (excellent interview!) discussing the filming of the movie just before it was released, and I couldn’t help but notice the chairs in Wintour’s office. Seeing the movie reminded me! We sell something almost identical to these French inspired, metal bistro chairs right here at Celadon! And at $138 you get a whole lotta style bang for your buck!

    I thought that I was being very attentive in my noticing and innovative in my posting, but when I googled this to get an image, I found that Apartment Therapy has already broached the subject of Anna’s chairs.

    Well, just in case any of you missed that post……now you know! We knew these chairs were hip. Anna Wintour’s stamp of approval just proves it! -R

    P H O T O   C A P T I O N S

    1. The Stella Chair…These. Are. Awesome. These are a bit different than Ms. Wintour’s but still a fresh take on the Classic French Bistro Chair. At $219, these are still a chair of style and function for a reasonable price. Another perk… these are stackable, for easy storage and transport. Juxtapose them with a clean lined table and strike a pose!

    2. Ms. Wintour and her chair. $138 here at Celadon. Photo from the LA Times.

    3. Finding a photo of her office is next to impossible! Here is a bit of a blurry photo from the 60 Minutes Special that was pulled by the Apartment Therapy San Francisco.

    4. Bistro Sandblast Acid Chair $138 at Celadon (note: if out of stock please ask about Special Orders)

    5. We love how these white ones were used for a anything but traditional outdoor table set for Thanksgiving supper featured on Design*Sponge… it’s that nature/texture meets industry/function that is keeping things interesting…love! love! love!