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    Unique Finds & One-of-a-kinds…NEW Container from India

    We just popped the top on another GORGEOUS container of unique finds and one-of-a-kinds from India.  This one was filled to the brim with high quality, solid wood pieces that marry something old with something new. 

    A couple of our favorites that just made their way into the store are a set of glass-topped, round  coffee tables with bases made of repurposed, wooden architectural pieces that have been left unfinished.  The juxtaposition of the old wood with all its elegant imperfections and the sleek glass is simply spot on!! Pair one of these with a clean, crisp, white/natural sectional and bold, geometric throw pillows and you have an eclectic space that tells a story, feels uncontrived and is anything but “themey”. 

    We are also all loving this lattice backed shelf….The way the light pours through the back gives the piece such individuality… and the vibrant color would make storing white dishes, glass or even gold items so visually appealing.

     There is much more to see…a demi-lune that I am sure will not make it through the weekend without being sold, and some shelves that I am personally partial to.  They are made of old pieces of wood that still have their original metal shipping tags attached.  In all fairness, I have NO IDEA what these tags say, but they tell a tale of this object’s former life many years ago on the other side of the world.  I had my eye on a similar one when this sort of container arrived last summer…well as the old saying goes…you snooze, you lose!…hopefully whoever has it now loves it lots.  No two pieces from this vendor are ever alike, so should you see something that fits your fancy..make your purchase!!

    Come take a peek…Lot’s of new things to see, and there is more at the Celadon Outlet..The Annual Summer Sale is in full swing at both locations.  Happy shopping! -Rebecca

    P.S. If I was being graded on photography for this post let’s just say I would not get an A.  Our new camera is on the way!!!

    P.P.S. I am loading a few pics of other new things that came in this week…click on CELADDITIONS to see…