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    Unbelievable Steals

    Show Season is almost upon us (eek!!!!)…Elizabeth and I will be hitting the Markets everywhere from Atlanta to New York to Las Vegas in the next few weeks in search of all that is new, innovative, beautiful and exciting (wheeeeeee).  The shows are super intense because you have so much ground to cover and so much to see in such a small window of time (it’s hard work shopping for a living 😀 ), but I always love diving in seeing all the new things being made and finding new people on the home décor scene….creativity amazes me.  So, we are both quite excited about tracking down some great new finds for Celadon!

     That being said…we have been getting in a ton of new stuff from our last round of buys, and with more to come, we have some fantastic stuff marked WAY down to make room! Next time you are in the store be sure to check out our “Odds & Sods” section at the back.  Everything is 50%-75% off.  There are some real gems hiding on those shelves and let’s be honest,,,,,who doesn’t love a deal? ….Check out some of my favorites attached (see a few notes below).

     Cheers! Enjoy! Happy Friday!!!-R

     Some of Our Favorite Things in Odds & Sods Right Now:

     –         This bedding knocked my sox off at market.  It is by talented clothing designer Virginia Johnson (who actually wrote me a personal, hand-written thank you card when we picked-up the line- very memorable!!).  I had not seen anything like this and at 50% off it is an absolute steal.  Several colors/designs in-stock.

     –         Adjustable Industrial Style Stool- can be made bar or counter height and I think it would be PERFECT at a drafting table or make a cool re-purposed plant stand!

     –         We have a few of these Antiqued Nautical Maps.  The frames are gorgeous and the colors are subtly so pretty.  The locations are various coast lines and islands in New England and they could fit the bill in so many different types of spaces

     –         Feeling Nostalgic?  These clip-on cameo earrings come in 2 different styles and definitely have that sophisticated-stylish-granny feel that’s so fun with the right outfit.

     –         These round placemats would be showstoppers at any dinner party..a colorful canvas that could be re-invented over and over with everything from plain white to pattern on pattern…I actually thought about buying a couple and mounting them to a grey matte and framing them…love textile wall art!

     –         We have a pair of these camel pillows from India.  Get them while they are hot because they would look so cute in a child’s room mixed with some funky bedding!

     –         How funny is he?  1) Zebras are just cool to begin with 2) This guy is a total conversation piece.

     –         This mirror is so happy…I imagine it in a play/childs room being used to write sweet messages or important reminders with liquid chalk (…these markers are the best and work great for making old windows into message boards—get crafty!)

     –         These Sombrero Women Throw Pillows are so fun and if you are going to have cool pillows with Sombrero Women..don’t they need to be hot pink??…pair them with some orange solids! Yes please!

    –         Pretty silver vases…would look so sweet with a tiny fern planted inside or would make great storage for make-up brushes on a vanity…

     *** If you a love a great bargain DesignSponge does a great column called “Under $100”…always a good read