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    Travel Journal: Shanghai

    Hi Friends,

    We are just back from a whirlwind trip to Shanghai (jet-lag hit hard on this return!!).

    We were so fortunate with beautifully, mild weather while there, and only once experienced an afternoon down-pour worthy of the warnings received from many previous visitors.

    This was my first trip to the land of China (Elizabeth has been several times before), so I saw it all with new eyes.  Shanghai is a great-big-city where China Old & New stand face-to-face divided only by a river.  On one side you will find “The Bund,” a historic riverside- turn international tourist destination where the French left their mark and European influence (strong British!) is firmly stamped through some pretty incredible architecture.  It now houses fancy shopping, posh night clubs, an airy walking waterfront and the old Peace Hotel (now called the Fairmont) where any newbie to Shanghai should go to have a glass of wine and fantastic views.  Opposite The Bund, you will find where Modern China has fiercely emerged! Bright Lights, Big Buildings, Big Business! The contrast is a site in itself.

    We had a wonderful trip, meeting with vendors both old and new, looking for trends on the furniture forefront and bumping into all sorts of people (it’s crazy to “run” into people you know on the other side of the world!!).

    One of our favorite parts of our Celadon travels is hitting local markets and unearthing all sorts of one-of-a-kind pick-me-ups to bring back to you (fyi..we are beginning to run low on little Indian twirl skirts!!!).  We had great luck this trip…we are still unpacking the loot…. so stay tuned!

    In the meantime….have a look at some photo snaps  from our travels.  Thank you Shanghai for being so good to us…but like they say, there’s no place like home.

    Enjoy! -Rebecca

    Peace 🙂

    Antique Market Shanghai

    Old City Shanghai


    Old Suitcases at Outdoor Antiques Market

    Fans & Hats

    Red Lanterns (Starbucks below…gotta love modern conveniences in the old country…)

    Old Fabrics…My favorite…

    Antique Buddah

    Boppin around flea markets in China…Love old tea cups & saucers

    Beautifully Hand Embroidered Skirts from Village Areas

    Head-dresses + Embroidered Belts

    Love this old little red trike

    Amazing Chinese Hats

    Old Booties & Binding Shoes…Gorgeous Details

    Sea of Chinese Figurines

    Old Metal Working Stools

    Shanghai Bund by Night

    Shanghai Nights!

    Nightime River Traffic (Container Ships AND Karaoke Boats!!)