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    Things we love – Farmers’ markets

    Farmers’ markets are filled with miles of vendors, mainly local farmers, who set up booths to sell fresh seasonal produce, meat products, fruits, beverages, cheeses, fresh flowers, prepared foods…  Basically, bring on the wine and a comfy sofa and I’m never leaving.  This is my favorite spot ever come springtime.  Some markets have expanded to include the work of local artists and craftspeople as well, making walking/eating/drinking/learning/hanging out at the local Farmers’ market a fantastic way to spend a few hours.

    Markets such as these were common before the Industrial age but were soon replaced with the modern grocery store, and the allure of “one stop shopping” soon took over.  Here in Charleston, I think we are particularly lucky to have such a fine appreciation for all things local, whether it is the scenery, the history, the restaurants, or the benefits of staying (or “going” local).  Our Farmers’ Market , held Saturdays downtown in Marion Square from 8am – 2pm, is one way to be sure to get your weekend off to a great start…

    Those of you who know me know that I am a creature of habit, so there are a few stops that I MUST make, no matter what.  I adore the folks from Wadmalaw Island based Thackeray Farms , whose produce is just about the finest there is.  They also have the loveliest flowers, and nothing makes the house look prettier than fresh flowers!  Then of course there are the gems from Sea Island Savory Herbs …  Just when I think I am in the deepest of deep cooking ruts, fresh herbs come to my rescue with their savory flavors and distinct aromas.  A fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella salad made with local ingredients from the Farmers’ market is just about the best thing ever.  Ah, but then there are the crepes.  The delightfully thin, perfectly warmed, blissfully covered in chocolate crepes (can you tell I like these?) from the Charleston Crepe Company .  Worth standing in line for, these tasty little delights are just phenomenal.  And since I can’t bear the thought of leaving out my two furry little friends, Waylon & Dottie (my mini dachshunds, have you met yet?), a stop to see the Good Dog Bakery is in order as well.  They are masters of making healthy treats for our furry friends, and they’ll tell you that yes, your dog(s) are by FAR the cutest they’ve seen all day.  🙂

    There are several local markets through the greater Charleston area that are worth checking out and frequenting – “check your local listings” (or contact Lowcountry Local First to learn ways to get more involved) as they say and get out and support your farmers!  -M