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    Texture in design

    I often wonder where designers, both fashion and home fashion, get their inspiration.  There are so many different tastes in this world.  I remember in my younger days walking through the streets of lower Manhattan and loving it, because I’d see just about anything and everything…  There would be the preppy guy in his lightwashed jeans, striped button down and barn jacket right next to the girl with the huge manic panic pink Mohawk, black leather jacket, tights with holes ripped in them, and high top chuck taylors (I guess that’s kinda come back again, hasn’t it, on both counts?).  I remember thinking that was the beauty of the city, that you had all kinds of people living together who all appreciated the same things, but what about the fashion – where did that inspiration come from?  And what could their apartments possibly have looked like?

    Well, here I am, many moons later and several states further south, and I’m starting to look at things a little bit more simply.  I started to think about texture in design, and how different textures can so easily inspire concepts and products.  Take a look at some of these photos; I was drawn to take close-up shots of some beautifully organic, highly textural, and frankly pretty ordinary things.  But they all inspired me and made me think about things I’ve seen in design at the moment…  Take, for example, the beautiful grain of the sheesham (or Indian rosewood) below.  It reminded me of several things, including some lovely woodgrain fabric throw pillows I saw recently.  Layering textures, particularly those that are inspired by ordinary, found-in-nature items is so fun!  I love soft grasses,  rustic raw wood, pretty purple sea fans, rusty truck steps, and wildly colorful peacock feathers to name a few…  Which textures do *you* love, and which inspire you?  -M