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    Textile Love: Kari Fisher

    Having a complete affinity for textiles and their world, the store is happiest for me when it is filled with new shipments of throw pillows & bedding – patterns/textures/designs.  It’s like a fresh coat of paint that instantly brings the place to life.

    We were showered with over 100+ new throw pillows from near & far this past week (as if summer isn’t gift enough….for me this is like Christmas morning times 50).

    We just picked-up Atlanta based block printer-designer-maker-creator, Kari Fisher.  We love carrying something handmade (to order) right here in the Southeast USA!

    CLOTH & KIND ( a blog that has become an absolute daily ritual for me) profiled Kari, her story and her pillows in their Limelight feature this past Tuesday.  Check it out! Perfect timing for our recent shipment…..and great news….we have a second shipment set to arrive in the next month ( so yes, Christmas in July).

    A few snaps below of the Kari Fisher throw pillows here at Celadon.

    Check out more shots of our other recent pillow shipments via Tumblr, Instagram & Facebook.  We literally just put out 24 new pillows a few hours ago.

    25% OFF All Indoor/Outdoor Furniture – Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillows & Rugs continues now thru Wednesday, June 26th and the Outlet is Opened tomorrow from 10am- 1pm.

    Here’s to the first Official Day of Summer! -R


    Unloading Celadon Instagram Shot

    Unpacking the Shipment (photo via Celadon Instagram)


    Kari Fisher with Pom Poms


    Poms Poms, Hand-printed on Linen, Down-filled


    Kari Fisher Pom Poms


    Detail Shot


    Kari Fisher + Katherine Rally

    Kari Fisher + Katherine Rally (just got in a HUGE new Katherine Rally shipment on Tuesday!!!)


    Kari Fisher Textiles

    Image via Kari Fisher Designs