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    Sweet Sixteen and Starting a Blog

    Celadon celebrated a big birthday this year, and oh how sweet it is to be 16! It was so uplifting to reach such a milestone when less than 2 years ago it seemed like the world was ending and all retail came to a screeching halt. Needless to say that thanks to the beautiful city of Charleston, its loyal, vibrant, notoriously polite citizens, an exceptional staff, and a darn good lookin’ store if I do say so myself, we seem to have weathered the storm and are ever so grateful to be here now!

    Turning the big one-six and seeing sunny days ahead, we have decided to take the plunge, join the rest of the world and start bloggin’! We have so much to share from our Celadon world. From tales of our buyer’s international travels to hand select what you see in the store, to our owner’s vision of creating a fun, hip, pet friendly store with a global point of view, to a sales staff that boasts tremendous experience (we are talking a famed local interior designer, a former Domino Magazine Assistant Editor, 2 managers that have been here for over 5 years (which is almost unheard of)…..the list just keeps on going)…we want you to be part of all of the fun!

    Stay tuned for updates on new inventory and new design projects, big sales, travel journal entries, news from our favorite charities, and a peak into the lives of our Celadon family. Please post, comment, suggest, forward and of course pop-in and say hello. We are 16, ready to jump behind the wheel, and hope you will enjoy the ride!

    For those of you who haven’t visited the store in a while, here’s a quick spin through a recent photo shoot…-R