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    Suzani Love

    Sooooooo…….the love affair with beautiful textiles from India continues…

    A selection of one-of-a-kind, hand-stitched Suzanis has just arrived from our travels this past April.  While in Delhi we happened upon a friendly and extremely knowledgeable man showing all sorts of pretty, colorful cloth items, but it was when he opened large, mundane zipper bags to reveal what I would like to refer to as “ Suzani Heaven” that we immediately spun into total textile frenzy mode…….You know when that happens…you feel like you have get-to-grabbing & unfolding like a mad-woman or the goods are just going to vanish before you vary eyes.  I am not sure if this is a sign of passion for your industry or a case of the “I want” sickness striking again, but either way it seemed each one was more gorgeous than the next!

    We rounded out our choosings with a sampling of smaller “throw” sized pieces that are truly vintage, one-of-a-kinds complete with beautiful imperfections and endearing wear that could only be a sign of something that was loved (Suzanis were traditionally made by Central Asian brides as part of their dowry, and were presented to the groom on the wedding day).  These would make for amazing upholstered headboards or wall hangings (framed in the right wood they would surely take wall décor to the next level in any home!), or simply folded at the end of a bed or along the back of a sofa.  At $125 ea. they offer lots of possibilities at a very accessible price!

    We also hand-picked a very limited number of really large coverlet sized pieces.  These have bright, intense thread color, and immediately made me think of designer Roberta Freymann’s recent Q&A sesh (“I LOVE MY BED”) in House Beautiful (article attached).  Roberta is such a design inspiration, living life in wild color, traveling the globe, being creative, etc..etc..etc.. Well, in the article she sits on her bed which dons a coverlet made of a Vintage Suzani almost identical to the ones we found in India.

    Come check them out!!!!!!!!  These are very special and quantities are very limited.  Of course photos do no justice (especially when you are having your building repainted (whoop! whoop!) and plastic is wrapped around the windows making for an extra weird foggy glare…thanks for bearing with!).  Fresh new Kantha’s arrived from this magical man as well.  We just can’t get enough kantha!

    DesignSponge* also recently had a great post called  “Bringing Travel Home .”  First photo featured…A Suzani wall hanging and kantha coverlet.  What a happy kizmet coincidence for us.  Loved this post….Enjoy! -Rebecca

    ps. Just checked Absolutely Beautiful Things (pretty much the happiest place on the World Wide Web) and she made mention of Suzanis today.  Plus I love the container ship paintings and had to share….Looks like they spread a little Suzani love in Australia today as well..