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    Styling your Mantel…

    Since we have been stuck in the house for a few days due to the winter ice storm…I have been looking around the house on things I “need” (more like want)!!  We have been using our fireplace a lot since it has been so COLD, so I started thinking what do I want to do with the mantel?  There are soooo many ways to style your mantel.  Basically, are you a less is more type of person, do you want to layer items, hang a print/mirror…the options keep going!  You first need to ask the question, do you want to hang your TV above the fireplace?  If not, what do you want to put there?  Do you want to open up the space with a mirror?  Do you want height?  How deep is your mantel?  Do you want to paint your mantel? 


    Here are a few items I found in our store that would be great for your mantel while you are enjoying your fire on these cold nights!!


     How about a large mirror or layering small ones?  We have some awesome one-of-a-kind mirrors!


    small mirrors

    Do you want a coastal feel?


    Wine Spheres look good anywhere!!

    Wine Spheres

    Driftwood candelabra would look great if you have the room

    Driftwood candelabra

    As you can see, we have lots of options to choose from and I will be trying lots of them to see which one works for my room!  What is on your mantel?