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    Styled: Antique (One-of-a-Kind) Daybed

    Hi Everyone….

    Ah……the day after July 4th……usually a bit of a lazy one…and all of this rain is just making things even more sleepy…

    I thought I’d share a few pics of a beautiful antique daybed we just got in (I mentioned the new shipment of one-of-a-kinds that arrived last week in a previous post).  Ruth has it all styled up at the front of the store channeling a little Out of Africa + Swiss Family Robinson (her description – and I LOVE it) for the vignette.

    Oh it looks like such a happy hangout!  The piece is such a unique one, and will no doubt be a point of conversation in the lucky owner’s home.  It could function perfectly as a big (BAD*SS) coffee table as well but I think this is so fun! I just wanna climb on in this lovely-cozy-dreamy little nook.

    Have a good weekend! -R


    Detail Shot Amporan Bed

    A detail shot of the beauty queen…..and can you imagine it in an all white space with big windows??? Stop it!!


    Akiva Headboard

    Okay…so this is another dreamy bed we just got in.  In keeping with the theme I thought I’d throw in a pic.  The photo is actually pulled from Ruth’s Instagram….you get the point …it’s so gorgeous (and love this gauzy bedspread)!