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    Skirts That Twirl (Just Back from India!)

    May-Day! May-Day!

    For the love I cannot believe it is May!!! Elizabeth & I have been gone the entire month of April, and seemed to have returned to lots of warmth, sweet sunshine and a store that is filled with GREAT stuff that has arrived in our absence! The ladies & gents downstairs have been loading lots on our flickr page, but the receiving area and warehouse are busting at the seams (in the best way possible! :)), so you must stop in a check out the new goods!

    Well, we have been to India and back, and I must say, it was once again a beyond amazing experience in more ways than one.  I think you could go 100 times and leave with a list already begun of what you will do next trip.  It’s an odyssey of a place in countless ways with a spirit like I have rarely experienced….could go on and on and on but that is for another day…

    Last February we sort of  “found” these almost nostalgic, children’s skirts while we were not really looking for them (always when you hit the jackpot…happy ((semi-planned)) accident). They are simply perfect for the little girl that loves to twirl. We  grabbed a few as pick-me-ups for the store…well, they were an absolute hit!  People have been asking us when we will have them again, and I became personally invested in finding more of these little skirts that every little bit MUST HAVE!

    Well….. we found them on our return, and met some great characters and had some real adventure in our search!!! We even rounded-up some with big sequined embellishments on them for extra fun! They are up in the store as of today!

    These are true one-of-a-kind market finds!!! Once they’re gone…they’re gone (until next time- and we never know when that will be).

    Happy twirling – Rebecca