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Grit and Grace Indigo Floral Painted Dish

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Depending on the time it spent in the sea, the size, shape, and shade of this oyster has been uniquely crafted to hold your rings, earrings, or any small knickknacks that need safe keeping. Hand-picked, hand-painted, and hand packaged with an ocean of love, the Gold Oyster Dish radiates as a piece of the shore right in your home.

The Indigo Collection of Decoupage Oyster Jewelry Dishes is timeless and elegant. Inspired by the classic beauty of Delftware and fine china, this line of oyster shell dishes features delicate designs in rich shades of cobalt, indigo, and ivory offset with our trademark gilded rim. Our Indigo Oyster Shell Dishes measure approximately 3.5” by 2.5”, and every decoupage oyster is a one-of-a-kind. Our decoupage oyster jewelry dishes make a gorgeous catchall for your jewelry, soap dish, gift for a loved one, or accent to your coastal chic decor. The Indigo decoupage oysters would also be the perfect “something blue” for your favorite Charleston bride or bridesmaid gift to celebrate your beach wedding.

About Grit & Grace:

Grit & Grace is a coastal chic gift company that recognizes the beauty in nature and works hard to preserve the environment through oyster recycling, sustainable production practices, awareness campaigns, and educational outreaches.  

Founder Rachel Gordon started this company wanting to make beautiful gifts using oyster shells, however,  after researching the industry Rachel learned there was a shell shortage in South Carolina. Immediately she knew there was a much larger purpose for her work, and partnered with SCDNR’s oyster restoration and enhancement program, she is determined to create a product that is both beautiful, and helpful to the coast! 

From day one Grit & Grace has recycled 10 oyster shells (that would otherwise be going to a landfill) for every Grit & Grace Oyster sold. 


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