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    Happy almost weekend to all! I wanted to take a second and introduce myself to the Celadon blog world! My name is Taylor Sasser and I’m the new Social Media & Advertising guru at Celadon (as of July)! I am really excited to start sharing some great, new things with you!

    If you have been following Celadon on social media lately you might know that our big 2-0 birthday is coming up in October! So to celebrate we have been having some pretty fun parties, hosting our favorite things leading up to it! We really don’t want you to miss out on our next one, so we’re extending the invite to you and all of your friends!

    Tonight (Thursday, Aug. 14th!) we are hosting two great names; Nationally acclaimed RMS Beauty & local power blogger Jessica Morse of Bare Beauty are going to be joining us at Celadon to celebrate the launch of RMS Beauty’s new pre-fall color line! (See above for details).

    We will be giving away a $100 Celadon gift card at the event and RMS Beauty is going to be giving away some great product as well! And if that alone isn’t enough to bring you out, Ooh beautiful! is going to be here giving free mini-makeovers with every purchase, and Jessica Morse will be here to spread some of her beautiful knowledge among us.

    If you’re a fan of natural, organic make-up, you really need to experience RMS Beauty! If you aren’t familiar with the product definitely take a peek at Bare Beauty blog (linked in the photo above) and let Jessica tell you all about it! She’s a huge fan and it looks great on her!

    Celadon is so excited to host such fun product and great people. We just can’t wait and I look forward to getting to know you better. Hope to see you here!