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    Oushak (OOH-shack)

    Hi there-

    Deliquent blogger here…

    We have been absolutely crazy (crazy busy) here at Celadon this past month…Where did March even go??

    Well, we have some very exciting news to share with all of you in the Celadon Web World…We are making our way in the rug biz!!! This has been in the works for almost a year….We have just gotten in our first sampling of Oushak & Fine Oushak Rugs from India and they are TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY – GORGEOUS!!! Well worth the wait (the best things always are :)).

    A little bit of info on Oushak Rugs:

    Oushak: ü- shäk (ooh-shack)

    Oushak rugs originated in the city of Usak, Turkey (a City in the Anatolian Region just South of Istanbul) during the 15th century, and are now made throughout the region from Pakistan to India.

    Oushak carpets are distinctive in their designs (typically based on geometric motifs) and color palette, which is created using natural vegetable dyes.

    The Oushaks we currently have are from 2 different vendors in India. Each one was hand-knotted on a loom using high quality New Zealand Wool. The larger ones have a beautiful wash giving them the appearance of being old/antique which I love, and you would not believe how soft they feel to walk on…

    I have attached a few photos, but photos do these beauties no justice. Come have a look. The magic carpets are upstairs.