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    Oscar Inspired

    The Oscars always remind me of my favorite movies, and my favorite movies of course always involve some sort of fabulous interior design.  I always find myself getting lost in a character’s beautiful home thinking “yeah, I think I could live there…” or “that is SO my style!”  Take for example the fabulous designs of James Radin, who designed for some of my favorite films – The Holiday and Something’s Gotta Give.  Cameron Diaz’s house in Malibu in The Holiday is enough to make me want to sell my soul it’s so fabulous.  I love all the neutrals carried throughout the house – white, gray and chocolate mixed with textures like seagrass…  Big chunky white lamps, oversized coffee table books, everything is just so cozy that you could literally plant yourself in any corner and be comfortable (now can I just have her figure?).  Fortunately, this is very in keeping with what we have here at celadon which is what must have drawn me to the place many moons ago… 

    So on this Oscar night, whether you opt to tune in or not, think of some films that have inspired your inner interior designer…      M