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    One-of-a-kind Furniture Finds

    ONE-OF-A-KINDS blog post header (sethia)THIS JUST IN… literally. We have received and unloaded a brand new container of gorgeous one-of-a-kinds. Every piece that is about to hit the floor has been hand selected by our buyers on their latest trip to India and no two pieces are the same. It finally arrived… and it was well worth the wait. Take a peek… then come on in and see the rest!

    bar front 72

    One-of-a-kind Bookshelf 72

    One-of-a-kind bookshelf close up 72

    One-of-a-kind green cabinet 72

    One-of-a-kind green cabinet close up 72

    Wheel Table - One-of-a-kind 72

    One-of-a-kind blue desk 72

    one-of-a-kind blue desk close up 72

    One-of-a-kind blue bench 72

    One-of-a-kind window cabinet 72