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    Need to Grab a Card?

    Have you ever been in the card section at target/wal-mart/grocery store…wherever you are inevitably frantically trying to throw together a last minute gift when you are on your way to the party (procrastination will get you every time), and just thought to yourself…”none of these are any good AT ALL!!!!??? “….”who wrote these and why did a company actually have it mass produced???”….Well, a good go-to for cards is like finding a vegetable bin that always has ripe tomatoes, or a shoe store that always has the right thing when you are in a pinch.

    We have a large selection of inspired, unique cards at Celadon.  We carry everything from the funny (and slightly inappropriate :-D) to quirky and locally made to beautiful screen printed pieces that could almost be framed like works of art.  The best news of all…..Celadon’s cards are ALWAYS 50% OFF!!!

    Grab one of our signature candles or printed tea towels and you have covered your bases and can be right on your way…Gotta love one stop shopping!  

    Below are a few of my favorites…-R