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    Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

     Greetings & Happy First Friday of December (scary!!!!)..

    We have gotten in an absolute plethora of insanely unique, beautiful mirrors, and I just thought I would share some of them with you on this wintery afternoon.

    French King, Louis XIV has been credited with seeing the potential of the mirror in the design of a room, and I must say he was on to something…but enough stuffy stuff…it’s Friday!  Mirrors can be both fun and functional.. and can certainly be works of art all on their own.  They easily give life to a room as well as give a brighter, larger appearance to a space when placed properly (both good things in my book!).

    Have a peak at some of the lookers (terrible pun) we have in the store right now.  We are running a 30% OFF Promotion on all mirrors and lamps through this Sunday (December 4th)…so if you see something you like, pop-in and snag yourself an early holiday treat, or ring us up on the phone should you have questions…we are happy to get you  any details you may need.

    Cheers My Dears, Rebecca