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    Local Inspiration from Kenzie and Carol Carter

    L O C A L  I N F L U E N C E R S :  K C  D O U B L E  T A K E

    Celadon’s Flea & Farmers Market is filled with artisans and makers from all over the Charleston area looking to make a start, or continuing to chase their dreams. We take pride in helping to advocate for our local small businesses, as we too, are a small, local business. This new blog series is spotlighting artists and makers who have made a name for themselves among The Holy City and who help to influence and encourage our vendors and customers alike. We are excited to continue the introductions with an awesome duo, local Charleston fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Kenzie and Carol Carter, known as KC Double Take.


    B E H I N D   T H E   I N S P I R A T I O N

    Tell us about yourselves.

    We are Kenzie & Carol Carter, best friends, TWINS & business partners. We run a lifestyle & fashion blog called KC Double Take that showcases our life in Charleston through fashion, food & travel. 

    Where do you find your inspiration in Charleston for your work?

    Honestly everywhere we go in Charleston, we find inspiration. The people, colorful buildings & homes, the culture, & of course, the beach. We feel grateful to live in such an inspiring & beautiful city! 

    How would you describe your decorating style?

    Carol’s decorating style is inspired by her love for the water. It’s a mixture of beach vibes & a little boho chic. Kenzie’s apartment is definitely boho chic with a touch of mid-century modern. 

    What are some of your favorite recent pieces from Celadon?

    We love all fun, bright and funky pieces from pillows to Turkish rugs, to wicker baskets. The bamboo ladder for hanging blankets is also one of our favorites to spice up your room and add something different.  

    What is your favorite part of the Celadon Flea & Farmers Market?

    Getting to the market early to grab a donut and coffee from the local vendors. We love sorting through all of the amazing pieces in the warehouse before the rush of the people come through. The music, atmosphere and amazing artists that are posted up are most inspiring! 

    L I T T L E   F U N   N O T E S

    ( C A R O L  E D I T I O N )

    Can’t live without Coffee

    Favorite dish Fish Tacos

    Horoscope sign Gemini

    City you were born in Salt Lake City

    Place you wished to visit most Australia

    Favorite word Aesthetic

    If you were an animal Dolphin

    Biggest fear Not being successful

    L I T T L E   F U N   N O T E S

    ( K E N Z I E  E D I T I O N )

    Can’t live without Coffee

    Favorite dish Charcuterie Board

    Horoscope sign Gemini

    City you were born in Salt Lake City

    Place you wished to visit most Australia

    Favorite word Love

    If you were an animal Elephant

    Biggest fear Sharks


    Thank you Carol and Kenzie!

    To learn more about KC Double Take, take a look at their blog here!

    + Follow the two on Instagram!


    (All furniture and accessories by Celadon.)