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    Local Inspiration from Kate Waddell


    L O C A L  I N F L U E N C E R  :  K A T E

    Celadon’s Flea & Farmers Market is filled with artisans and makers from all over the Charleston area looking to make a start, or continuing to chase their dreams. We take pride in helping to advocate for our local small businesses, as we too, are a small, local business. This new blog series is spotlighting artists and makers who have made a name for themselves among The Holy City and who help to influence and encourage our vendors and customers alike. We are excited to continue the introductions with a lovely local Charleston artists by the name of Kate Waddell.


    B E H I N D   T H E   I N S P I R A T I O N

    Tell us about yourself.

    I’m an artist based out of Charleston, SC painting out of Redux Contemporary Art Studios.

    Where do you find your inspiration in Charleston for your work?

    I’m constantly inspired by all the colorful homes & window flower boxes downtown. There’s so much color & texture!

    How would you describe your decorating style?

    I love mixing traditional & contemporary styles together. I have a lot of colorful art on my walls, so I usually have more neutral furniture pieces.

    What are some of your favorite recent pieces from Celadon?

    I love that green chair from the shoot & those dining room table chairs!

    What is your favorite part of the Celadon Flea & Farmers Market?

    The Celadon Flea market does such a great job of exposing the community to all the wonderful creatives in the area. Its such a fun event!


    L I T T L E   F U N   N O T E S

    Can’t live without Books

    Favorite dish Grilled Mahi Mahi sandwich from Leons!

    Horoscope sign Capricorn

    City you were born in Columbus, Ga

    Place you wished to visit most Bali

    Favorite word Luscious

    If you were an animal Welsh corgi

    Biggest fear Frogs


    Thank you Kate!

    To learn more about Kate, check our her website katewaddell.com

    + Follow her on Instagram!