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    Local Inspiration from Artist, Emily Pope Harris

    L O C A L  I N F L U E N C E R :  E M I L Y P O P E H A R R I S

    Celadon’s Flea & Farmers Market is filled with artisans and makers from all over the Charleston area looking to make a start, or continuing to chase their dreams. We take pride in helping to advocate for our local small businesses, as we too, are a small, local business. This blog series is spotlighting artists and makers who have made a name for themselves among The Holy City and who help to influence and encourage our vendors and customers alike. We are excited to continue with Emily Pope Harris, local artist.

    B E H I N D   T H E   I N S P I R A T I O N

    Tell us about yourself. 

    I currently live in Mount Pleasant with my husband, Andrew, and dog Annie.  I grew up in both GA and SC and graduated with my art degree from GA Southern. I love all things design and art related.  Currently obsessed with updating our Charleston Single home to make it reflect us!

    Where do you find your inspiration in Charleston for your work? 

    Raised in the South, I have an innate love for beautiful, time-worn architecture that lines the streets of Charleston, Savannah and the like. History speaks to me, and I channel that passion into fine art and custom finishings that will transport others to another place and time or remind them of their own travels or experiences.

    How would you describe your decorating style? 

    I love a mix of classic and traditional, with some modern and funky elements added in. 

    What are some of your favorite recent pieces from Celadon? 

    I recently got a round woven type coffee table with a glass top that I love!!

    What is your favorite part of the Celadon Flea & Farmers Market?

    I love how it brings out so many different local vendors and businesses. It’s a great way to learn more about your community and how you can support local!

    L I T T L E   F U N   N O T E S

    Can’t live without currently, Gingerale (pregnant probs)

    Favorite dish Most everything at Xiao Bao Biscuit

    Horoscope sign Aries

    City you were born in Columbus, GA

    Place wished to visit most Currently, Prague

    Favorite word Interesting

    If you were an animal Pomeranian or Bull Shark

    Biggest fear If Nibblerz at Zaxbys were no longer produced

    Thank you Emily, we had a blast with you at our warehouse!

    To find out more about Emily and her work, visit here site!

    (All furniture and accessories by Celadon. Artwork by Emily Pope Harris.)

    Furniture Details:

    Live Edge Coffee Table | 2555-0402 | In our Outlet for $450

    Long Rattan Pendant | 1048-2605 | $125

    Round Mirror | 2795-2418JS | In our Outlet for $135

    Iron Rod Chair | 2785-24809 | $450

    Twisted Wooden White Stool | 2771-ACC-104 | In our Outlet for $125

    Brandy Wine 4 Drawer Sideboard | 2771-SS-10134 | $1,229

    Rothko Chair | 2611-ROTHKO/1 | In our Outlet for $771.75