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    Local Inspiration from Blakely Little


    Celadon’s Flea & Farmers Market is filled with artisans and makers from all over the Charleston area looking to make a start, or continuing to chase their dreams. We take pride in helping to advocate for our local small businesses, as we too, are a small, local business ourselves. This new blog series is spotlighting artists and makers who have made a name for themselves among The Holy City and who help to influence and encourage our vendors and customers alike. We are proud to start off the introductions with a lovely local Charleston artist by the name of Blakely Little.


    We asked Blakely…

    1.Tell us about yourself.

    My name is Blakely Little, and I am an artist based here in Charleston. I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and then moved to Charleston for college. Once I graduated I stayed in and would work during the day at Charleston Stems and then would paint at night. Now, my husband, Curtis, and I live downtown in a Charleston single with our golden retriever Posie.

    2. Where do you find your inspiration in Charleston for your work?

    I have always gotten the most inspiration for my work while beaching or boating here in Charleston. I love gathering colors, shapes, texture out in the world and then implementing them into my paintings.

    3. How would you describe your decorating style?

    I would desicbe it as Coastal & Eclectic. I really love to travel and bring design elements from all over into my home. We recently went to Cape Town, South Africa, and the hotel we stayed at had these gorgeous wicker and straw outdoor furniture with a great blue and white stripe throughout the room. I’ve been recreating this look on my porch! I will say, the overall look is very coastal, as I always seem to choose some kind of blue or turquoise for the main colors.

    4. What are some of your favorite recent pieces from Celadon?

    I love the deep teal side board. It has a great weathered look, and in room with mostly white, the side board with a bright painting would be a perfect pop of color.

    I also am loving the white washed wood desk. It’s such a great natural color and bring the beach inside, without looking kitschy.

    5. What is your favorite part of the Celadon Flea & Farmers Market?

    I love that it is a community event –  you get to meet artists, and makers from all over the Charleston area. I also love seeing what different people are drawn to in design, furniture, art, and food!




    Thank you Blakely! 🙂

    To learn more about Blakely, check our her website https://blakelymade.com

    + Follow her on Instagram!