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    JUST LANDED: Indoor/Outdoor Furniture Container + SALE

    Oh. It is so hot.

    Not much more to say about that….. except that summer is here and with that the outdoor festivities are certainly in full swing!!! Thank goodness.

    We just got in a brand new container (like literally unloaded it on Tuesday & Wednesday) of all sorts of different Indoor/Outdoor Furniture.  Since all of this comes seasonally it has been quite sometime since we received a shipment from this vendor.  They did not disappoint! natural fiber styles, UV friendly styles,  sofas, chairs, barstools, sectionals, dining tables, dining chairs, ottomans…beautiful weaves and assorted materials from our friends in Indonesia….And guess who came back?! Javier!!!!! Such a stud…..Last year he was in and out.  So speedy that one. If you missed the Javier Chair last summer… come on in!  We never know if he’ll be back…

    Lots of pieces here at the store and some still being unloaded up at the Warehouse (note…check out the Celadon Outlet on Weds & Sat 10am- 1pm)…on the other side of the building from The Outlet is our warehouse where we receive all of our new containers and furniture shipments.  Although this area is not discounted merchandise it is completely shopable and is where you can find pieces that have not yet even made into the store – FIRST DIBS!).

    To celebrate the season and toast the arrival of the new goodies we are having a 25% OFF ALL Indoor/Outdoor Furniture, Rugs & Throw Pillows now thru next Wednesday, June 19th

    Take it to the porch! -R



    We love these little chairs!!!


    Indoor Outdoor Sectional and Ottoman Cropped

    This (awesome) sectional actually just SOLD…Merchandise Manager, Ruth Campbell, has been working her magic all over the store…The ottoman is still up for grabs…And we love these Indoor/Outdoor Rugs…Made of recycled materials (and….Sale prices ranging $19- $64).

    Perfect for outdoors, porch or playrooms!




    Big selection of Indoor/Outdoor Rugs & Throw Pillows.  All 25% OFF 

    Image via Celadon Instagram


    Lanai Stool


    Lanai Stool Reg: $169 Sale: $126




    Javier!!! This is his glamour shot from last year…the guys are still unloading…anxiously awaiting his arrival to the store


    Madrid Abaca Barstool


    Abaca Barstools Sale: $112 (excuse the leaves…obviously I didnt do any sweeping before I took this photo)



    Unloading the Container


    Warehouse Shot


    Kubu Dining Chairs

    Kubu Dining Chairs (Sale $112)…on another note…I love this Dining Table