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    Indonesia & Singapore


    blue tile indonesia blog post top pic

    While flipping through my photos from our most recent buying trip to Indonesia and Singapore, my mind became inundated and overwhelmed with all the amazing things that we found.  Rebecca Hawkins (Head buyer) and I had been to Indonesia before, but only briefly, so we were excited to return and dive deeper into the Javanese culture (we were mainly in the island of Java and Central Java) and continue the hunt for furniture and unique items for the store. And boy did we find them…

    This trip was jam packed with visiting current suppliers and new suppliers we had met along the way.  Developing new product and getting to know a bit about each artisan was incredibly rewarding—this is our favorite part of the job! So much hard work and devotion goes into each product being produced. Since woodworking is the one of the main traditional skills of Indonesia, creativity and inspiration are constantly busting at the seams!

    In addition to Indonesia, we hopped on over to Singapore for only a brief 2-day stay. If you ever make your way to Singapore, plan on shopping ALL day long. Stroll down Arab Street too–this neighborhood and street is one our favorite areas. It’s full of boutiques, spice markets, and restaurants and is bustling with a mix of cultures and beautiful architecture.
    Here is a snippet of some of the photos from our travels…

    Thanks again Indonesia and Singapore!! We cannot wait to return.

    Coffee - bear - Indonesia - edited

    Jugs - indonesia - edited

    over water- indonesia - edited

    Reba - buna man - indonesia - edited

    snacks - indonesia - edited

    tree and tile - indonesia- edited

    Indonesian rikshaw - square

    hanging masks - indonesia - edited

    bike edited

    City - edited

    Pool House - edited

    Gold arch doorways

    Buna man - edited

    blue window - edited

    reclaimed woodrice field -edited

    wood den

    Tools and wood - edited

    temple shot - edited


    rootsers -edited