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    In Good Company with Steve Lesniak of Celadon

    Welcome back to our new “In Good Company” series, where we will profile some of our favorite Charleston people. Follow along as we take a peek inside their spaces to see what inspires them, and how they bring their favorite finds from Celadon to life.

    In honor of 25 years in business, next on our list is the owner of Celadon, the man behind it all, Steve Lesniak. Steve arrived in Charleston from England in 1992 and, upon realizing that there was a gap in the market among the antique malls and Southern furniture stores for a more European shop, he opened Celadon in 1994. Born out of his vision to bring something fresh and non-traditional with a global point of view to Charleston’s home furnishings & accessories market, Celadon’s selection is a reflection of the sailing, and motorcycle-enthusiast himself: free-spirited, adventurous, and worldly.

    A L L A B O U T S T E V E

    How would you describe your interiors aesthetic?

    My style reflects the style of Celadon —  current but timeless, eclectic, unique, high quality, unexpected + a bit quirky. And just like Celadon, dogs + kids always welcome, and wine always served!

    What inspires your style?

    I like spaces that are livable, comfortable and a little funky.

    What’s your favorite piece in your house? 

    Sofas big and comfortable enough to sleep on (I’m a big fan of an afternoon couch snooze). 

    What’s your favorite thing about living in Charleston?

    The water! Sailing is my passion and I race competitively. Anytime I can be on or near or in the water, I’m a happy man.

    What do you love about Celadon? 

    I take great pride in what Celadon has become. After 25 years in business, I can honestly say that it’s a more dynamic place today than when we opened. The store is full of good, talented peeps who successfully run the business.

    Tell us about your business. 

    I started Celadon in 1994 after moving to Charleston and discovering what I thought was a gap in the home furnishings market. Mt. Pleasant was primed for growth and I wanted to bring some fresh energy to the traditional/antiques-heavy market. 25 years + dozens of amazing employees later, I think the store continues to deliver and have loved seeing my little idea grow and thrive. Today, I am happily retired and know the business is in good hands!

    Who are a few of your favorite social follows for design inspiration? 

    I’m a dinosaur when it comes to social media (and some would say technology in general). Don’t judge me, but I don’t do the social! (Although I hear Celadon’s account is quite original! :))

    Where are you headed next? 

    Skiing in Steamboat Springs with my wife, Kathleen!

    Thank you for letting us into your home, Steve and Kathleen!