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    In Good Company with Jay + Kristen Fletcher

    Welcome back to our new “In Good Company” series, where we will profile some of our favorite Charleston people. Follow along as we take a peek inside their spaces to see what inspires them, and how they bring their favorite finds from Celadon to life.

    This month, we took a peek inside the home of one of our favorite local couples, Jay + Kristen Fletcher. Since 2001, Jay has been living & working in Charleston as a graphic designer and illustrator. In 2004, as a means of burning off unused creativity, a budding freelance career took root as a late-night side gig. Kegs of coffee were brewed, midnight oil was burned, and now Jay has received accolades from the design world’s most prominent voices and completed work for companies like Apple, The New York Times, and the US Postal Service.

    Kristen is a school teacher and embarks on a new position as first grade teacher for Meeting Street Academy this summer. Fun fact — before she started teaching, Kristen used to work as a Sales Associate for Celadon! We love her. 

    Jay + Kristen got married in 2011 and moved into their current pad in West Side neighborhood in 2016. Their adorable son Camp turns two in a few weeks!

    Celadon Spotted: Sofa, Coffee Table, Throw pillows, Baskets, Cactus Toy, Children’s Books, Mudcloth


    A L L  A B O U T  J A Y  &  K R I S T E N

    How would you describe your interiors aesthetic?


    What inspires your style?

    That’s a good question. Memories? I feel like we tend to buy things based on how they relate to meaningful moments we’ve shared together. I like the idea that a home is also a timeline. 

    What’s your favorite thing about living in Charleston?

    The pace of life. Charlestonians know how to get things done while stopping to smell the roses. People here are rooted but adventurous, hard-working and hard-relaxing at the same time.

    What’s your favorite piece in your house?

    We have a chunky wooden coffee table (from Celadon!) that we got about ten years ago, right after we first met, and I think we’ve probably eaten about 95% of our meals on it. God only knows what’s lurking in the crevices, but somewhere along the way all those embedded crumbs became more charming than gross.

    We also have an Eames cabinet that’s now essentially our son’s toy chest, and there’s something surreal about seeing a Fisher-Price cash register inside it. A classic within a classic.

    What do you love about Celadon?

    Celadon has such a great, eclectic mixture of stuff. Some of it’s earthy, some of it’s modern, and often times those two things are merged. 

    Who are a few of your favorite social follows for design inspiration?

    @dabito and you can’t beat @dwell

    Tell us about your work. 

    I’ve been a self-employed graphic designer for the past 8-9 years. My focus is on brand ideation and identity work, but I do a little bit of everything for clients all around the world, large and small. From companies like Apple, PepsiCo, and The New York Times, all the way to the friend-of-a-friend who just needs a quick logo designed. 

    Kristen teaches second grade and her job is infinitely more interesting, challenging, and important than mine. 

    Where are you headed next?

    We’re off to the Bahamas (North Eleuthera & Harbour Island) for a half work, half play trip.

    Though you caught me in a moment with a really cool-sounding response to that question. Typically it’d be more like “the Splash Pad at James Island County Park.” 

    Celadon Spotted: Jay’s Desk, Desk Lamp, Area Rug


    Shop all of Jay and Kristen’s Celadon picks online here 20% Off with promo code INGOODCOMPANY

    Thank you for letting us into your home, Fletcher fam!