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    In Good Company with Helen Hall of Hushup and Hustle

    Welcome back to our new “In Good Company” series, where we will profile some of our favorite Charleston people. Follow along as we take a peek inside their spaces to see what inspires them, and how they bring their favorite finds from Celadon to life. Next up is local entrepreneur and business owner, Helen Hall!

    Helen Hall is the owner and Founder of Blender Bombs, Hustle Smoothie Bar, and Hushup X Hustle located in Charleston, South Carolina. Helen is originally from Atlanta Georgia and attended the University of South Carolina. After graduation Helen moved to Charleston and shortly after Blender Bombs was created. Blender Bombs are Omega-3 Rich smoothie boosters designed to make your smoothie the ultimate meal replacement! 

    All About Helen

    How would you describe your interiors aesthetic?

    I went with the exotic, good vibes feel for my home. The goal was for everyone that walks in to feel instantly welcomed, and to connect with some of the unique culture we’ve created!

    What inspires your style?

    My mom has really inspired my style of decorating! She owns a furniture store so I’ve been able to see A LOT of different furniture over the years. It was fun piecing together for my own home! I also worked with a designer out of Greenville, Kelly Ford, to get the bohemian retreat feel.

    What’s your favorite piece in your house? 

    My favorite piece in my house is the teak table from Celadon!! It ties the boho feel together and brings a strong look to the living room. I’ve truly never seen anything like it.

    What’s your favorite thing about living in Charleston? 

    My favorite thing about living in Charleston is how supportive the community is! Because of this community, I’ve been able to launch three businesses: Blender Bombs, Hustle Smoothie Bar, and 80X20 Market. I’m happy that I’ve been able to add some health & wellness to the Charleston area, since most people think of grits and biscuits when they think of our city, haha! 

    What do you love about Celadon? 

    I love how unique Celadon is!! You can literally find ANYTHING you’re looking for when it comes to home decor, and you may end up leaving with brand new ideas as far as home additions go because everything is so BEAUTIFUL. When I walk into that store I feel at home. I feel cozy. I feel… happy. Texture is my favorite part of decorating and my house would have no texture without Celadon! 

    Who are a few of your favorite social follows for design inspiration? 

    My favorite design social inspo’s are definitely Kelly Ford or Paula Rallis Home!! Both out of Greenville, SC.

    Tell us about your Hustle Smoothie Bar & Blender Bombs!

    Blender Bombs are a nutrient dense ball of nuts & seeds that you throw into your smoothie to help make it a meal replacement. I used to have the most intense cravings, I was a binge eater, and a yo-yo dieter. My weight was always fluctuating because I was always hungry. I learned that the reason I was feeling this way was because I wasn’t eating the right foods and I wasn’t getting enough nutrients. So, I started having one smoothie a day with a ton of nuts & seeds. I rolled these nuts & seeds up into a ball that eventually became known as “Blender Bombs”. Overtime, these BB smoothies helped me get my appetite under control and soon I was able to help other people with theirs! 

    Hustle Smoothie Bar is a storefront Smoothie Bar that sells Blender Bomb smoothies, avocado toasts, juices, coffee, etc. The first location opened in Towne Centre last June, and our second location is on Meeting St. downtown! My business partner Kelly and I worked hard to have the unique, all natural vibe to represent our natural and organic ingredients.

    Where are you headed next? 

    I am constantly traveling for work, especially as we grow and expand! Whether its for an expo, a big pitch, a meeting, etc. it normally involves being on a plane 🙂 it’s always nice when I can be in Charleston and focus on getting work done/being home with my animals!! Our next trip is actually for fun though. We are headed to Mexico in June for a wedding! All of our upcoming work trips have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus.

    Thank you for letting us into your home, Helen!