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    I heart beds.

    Ah, the bed.  The most coveted piece of furniture in most homes (well, at least my home), whether you realize it or not.  It’s a place to rest your weary bones at the end of a long day, the spot where you long to crawl when you’re not feeling well, the ideal locale to steal a nap (nap? what’s a nap?) every once in a blue moon, and boy it sure does make a lovely canvas for the art that is your new bedding.  It’s also the one place that always earns an appreciative sigh when I climb in at night, lie down, pull the covers up to my chin, and know that I can relax.  Sighhhhhh…  Bed.  Ah yes.  How I love thee. 

    The bed can say so much about your personal style as well; you may have a one-of-a-kind, hand-carved bed from India or a soft, tufted linen bed with curvy lines.  Maybe it’s a distinctive four poster bed with a dark finish, or a classic three-panel bed to complement any décor.  Don’t have any of those?  Well, we sure do!  And they’re gorgeous.  On display now on the showroom floor.  Come get inspired!  Isn’t it past your bedtime?  -M