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    Home Tour – Meet the Artist Edition with Way Way Allen

    Meet Way Way Allen, local artist and member of the Charleston Artist Collective. Celadon recently launched a collaborative series with the Charleston Artist Collective, Art of Home, where members of the Collective will create exclusive paintings for rotating exhibits here at Celadon. We are also taking you behind the scenes into the homes of each of the artists to get a feel of what inspires their work and how they use their own Celadon finds! Next up, Way Way Allen!

    Way Way Allen draws inspiration from the natural world and vivid hues of her Charleston surroundings. Working from small natural details, Allen creates abstracts that magnify and celebrate the common pattern while also amplifying the beauty of negative space. Her paintings reflect a depth that has garnered her a devoted following from collectors and interiors designers across the US.

    How would you describe your interiors aesthetic?

    “My interiors aesthetic is a mix of old and new with a mostly neutral and natural vibe. I like to let the artwork be the added pop of color in a room.”

    What’s your favorite thing about living in Charleston?

    “The best part of living in Charleston and what drew me here originally was getting to live so near the water and getting to enjoy the outdoors year round! I also love the creative culture here!! Everyone is so supportive of each other’s successes!”

    What is your favorite aspect about being an artist?

    “Being an artist has been a way for me to fulfill my creative desire and has also allowed me flexibility being a mom of two young boys.”

    What do you love about Celadon?

    “I love that Celadon has something for every one and every home no matter your style!  I also love the sourced finds that Rebecca and Grace bring back from their trips abroad!”

    Who are a few of your favorite social follows for design inspiration?

    “My two favorite social design follows are William McClure as an artist and designer and Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors for her interior design aesthetic!”

    Thank you for letting us into your home, Way Way!