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    Home Tour – Meet the Artist Edition with Emily Brown

    Meet Emily Brown, local artist and member of the Charleston Artist Collective. Celadon recently launched a collaborative series with the Charleston Artist Collective, Art of Home, where members of the Collective will create exclusive paintings for rotating exhibits here at Celadon. We are also taking you behind the scenes into the homes of each of the artists to get a feel of what inspires their work and how they use their own Celadon finds! First up, Emily Brown!

    How would you describe your interiors aesthetic?

    “The feeling of a layered and collected home. An eclectic blend of old and new. I love antiques and mid century pieces mixed with modern clean lines, interesting texture and contemporary art.”

    What’s your favorite thing about living in Charleston?

    “Besides the incredible culinary scene…It would have to be living close to the ocean. The relaxed energy being by the water cannot be replicated.”

    Featuring Celadon’s one-of-a-king Anatolian rug, Slagle lamps, coffee table books, planters & plants! Contact us for more information on these pieces!

    What is your favorite aspect about being an artist?

    “I love to create. Drawing, painting, making things with my hands… it is a part of me that gives me great joy. The surprise of making something that didn’t exist before always gets me.”

    What do you love about Celadon?

    “Everything! There is always something new every time I walk in. Besides the amazing furniture, lighting and accessories, it is my favorite place to shop for gifts. They always have the best jewelry and plants!”

    Featuring Celadon’s throw pillows and coffee table books! Contact us for more information on these pieces!
    Featuring our throw pillow, hanging planter basket and plant. Contact us for more information on these pieces!

    Tell us a little bit about your work!

    “My work is very intuitive. The colors and composition evolve with the painting. Most of my work is abstract. For me it is the negative and positive space, the values, the tiny details and untouched spaces that make a piece come together.”

    Thank you for letting us into your home, Emily!