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    Go neutral

    So often, some of our most tormented customers go back and forth not so much on style, shape, or even placement of their furniture or accessories, but it’s the color that they grapple with most.  There are so many fun, lush colors out this season, including vibrant pinks and oranges, bright yellows, but also subtle grays and lovely soft blues, and it’s hard to know which one to choose when they all look so pretty in a catalog, online, or here at celadon.

    I recently had the pleasure of spending the morning putting together a bedding order with Rebecca, our Assistant Buyer extraordinaire.  It’s not often that I have such an opportunity, and I take full advantage of times such as this, because it kind of puts me on sensory overload.  For several hours, we are surrounded by one after another after another beautiful, highly patterned, embroidered or printed fabric which can be made into bedding that one day we’ll sell here at the store.  And to top it off, any of those patterns can come in any color combination we want, not just the ones shown.  The choices are endless.  As I began to feel exhilarated yet overwhelmed, I began to see how a customer might feel when trying to decide on a fabric for a new sofa or chair.  It helped to kind of bring it all into perspective for me.  Rebecca had to stop me from wanting to order everything in orange and fuchsia (but trust me, what we DID order in O&F is going to be killer!)!  But it made me realize that when it comes to color, one has to make wise and careful decisions.

    I know that so many of us can easily grow tired of neutral (think, the big BEIGE couch, not so edgy, I know), but think of its virtues.  There really is a lot to be said for something that can grow with you over time.  If you’re anything like me, you get bored with certain colors that you once loved…  The orange that was once so vibrantly fun and fabulous, you now wish was a little bit more toned down and muted.  With neutrals as a base, it’s so easy to make that transition…  Take those elements of orange away and soon with new soft gray and pale blue pillows and some fun coordinating accessories and you’ve got a whole new room.  This is a great way to make changes regularly without having to SPEND a big chunk of change…  So, think neutral.  Like, Switzerland.  Then just add pops of your favorite color-of-the-moment.  It’ll work in your favor. -M