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    Furniture’s Industrial Revolution

    In∙dus∙tri∙al Fur∙ni∙turen.

    • Furnishings often comprised of  steel/iron/metal & solid wood materials once used or inspired by 19th Century factories and built with simple lines & honest design to withstand harsh conditions & fulfill practical purposes.

    The Industrial Revolution of the late 19th Century and the work tables, moveable stools, carts, drafting tables and factory pieces that were produced and used for everyday practicality have re-emerged in recent years as inspiration for furniture makers & curators around the world.

    The “industrial” look is the perfect marriage of form & function, old & new, clean & interesting.  It celebrates craftsmanship, environmental consideration (many pieces if not vintage in their entirety, are made of reclaimed wood and/or salvaged metal materials), and a nod to a time that is iconic in American History.

    Celadon itself is staged in a refurbished warehouse, so our bones are, in fact, industrial at heart :).  We have recently gotten in quite a few shipments of industrial style furniture. We love mixing it in with clean, natural airy fabric textures to soften the look and adding colorful artwork, fresh greenery, and pick-me-ups from around the world (oh…for love of the kantha 🙂 ) to keep things unexpected.

    Check out the photo below from the store floor…I love the how the sturdy, industrial console (that would make an awesome desk!) is flagged by clean-lined white lamps that are topped with ” Bombay Green”  ikat fabric shades (Made in USA!!)…the juxtaposition of styles feels innovative, but not forced.

    Now is the perfect time to try it out.  We are running a week-long promo with 30%- 50% off all industrial furniture.  Items are priced as marked and there is a really nice selection.  Check out our Facebook page as well as Grace has posted lots of pics.

    See some pics below.  I was pricing  pieces out at the Outlet this morning, so stop by Saturday 10am- 1pm.  The deals at both locations are pretty incredible (coffee tables $187! Cocktail tables $112…just to name a few).

    Cheers my dears! -Rebecca

    Love this mix…And love the Bombay Green fabric shades!!!

    Portabello Shelving Unit…Imagine it stacked with interesting cookbooks…

    Only $112 ea right now (thru June 20th)

    Flea market junkie (I am).  Back in January we went to Atlanta to check out some European antiques and other unique finds.  I happened upon this vendor that had these authentic pieces from the early 1900’s…She was such a cool lady, and a wealth of knowledge on the time period and furniture style.  And I love a good-lookin drafting table.  These were good inspiration for the ATL Show.

    Okay, so here I just really wanted to showcase these Parker Chairs that just arrived from California and the side table gave me a good excuse…..These are the most comfortable chairs you will ever take a seat in and LOVE this fabric and shape of the mid-century modern legs…there is another with a mint blue stripe rather than the chocolate you see here that is equally as awesome :).  Little table next to is perfect for a nook and on sale..