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Meet the Maker from Mali

08/09/2019-08/10/2019 • All Day

Save the Date!

One of our dear friends and longtime vendor, Fatim, will be coming back to Celadon for a Pop Up Shop the weekend of August 9-10! Fatim will be visiting us all the way from Mali, selling beautiful handmade mudcloth & indigo throws & pillows, jewelry, baby dresses, and more!

Fatim is an amazing female business owner representing over 200 artisans near her home in Bamako. Once a bustling hub for music, textiles, and tourists headed to Timbuktu, Mali has sadly experienced political struggles that have virtually shut down these once thriving industries. Buyers are not able to travel there to source and develop product as they once could, so Fatim comes annually to do a series of trunk shows around the country and bring the goods to us!

We are so excited to have her back! All of the money goes directly to the artisans. Join us to Meet the Maker and buy something handmade you can feel good about!

What: Trunk Show with Fatim from Mali
Where: Celadon, 1015 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt. Pleasant
When: Friday and Saturday, August 9-10, 10am-6pm (both days)
A little bit more about Fatim and her story:
Fatim’s gallery was in a great neighborhood and used to be frequented by UN workers, tourists, NGO worker’s etc. but things are really quiet so every Summer she comes to the states for a month to sell her goods at various fairs all across the country. Bamako has been a cultural hub for a long time, since their independence in the 60’s…amazing music, photography, art, and textiles come from here and Bamako was a bustling city in West Africa full of tourists heading to music festivals in Timbuktu, hiking in Dogon region, textile workshops in Segou, and live music in Bamako. In March 2012, there was a military coup and during this time Al Queda affiliated groups came in during the power vacuum and tried to take over the country and instill sharia law. The French came in and pushed them back into the desert before they could take over Bamako but ever since then, and the subsequent terrorist attacks, tourism in the country has all but ceased.