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    Countdown to India

    I am bursting at the seams as Elizabeth and I prepare to embark on a buying adventure in India this month!!!  We will have our eyes peeled for everything from trends to unique, one-of-a-kind treasures to bring back to Celadon.

    Stay tuned for tales from our travels….We will certainly keep you in the loop of spectacular finds and interesting folks we are sure come across, as well as any funny stories of tuck-tuck rides or market blunders and are par for the course!!!

    In all seriousness, India is a place where one can do so much more than buy beautiful, exotic things and eat amazing, spicy food.  It is truly a place that takes the mind, body and spirit on an amazing journey…perhaps it makes sense it is the birthplace of yoga.

    My last visit in 2005 was my maiden voyage, and the word that most sums up the country for me is, “authentic.”  Everything from the ancient architecture that sits in the middle of town as mundane as a Banana Republic does here, to the artistry to the traditional clothing that is truly worn to the general kindness of the people to the abundant rawness that we only see on television is just so real.  Elizabeth has traveled the country in search of relics and furnishings for Celadon several times before, and has also not been in a couple of years.  We are so looking forward to taking on this adventure together and can’t wait to share our travel journal entries with you!

    Stay tuned, and of course send any comments or suggestions our way if you have recently  been……

    Here a few snaps from some of Elizabeth and I’s previous visits to India……R