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    Cool New Stuff….

    Hi there!

    It’s Celadon’s delinquent blogger here….New shipments from all of the summer shows have just been pouring in since our return from Mexico, and I must say the store is looking pretty fantastic filled with all of this great new stuff!  Working here will give you the “I wants” something terrible…

    Since we try to keep things nice and natural with our casegoods, sofas, and sectionals (the big stuff), the accessories are where you can really have some fun and keep things fresh.  It’s amazing how changing throw pillows can sometimes flip the entire feel of a  room.

    Anyhow…all of these new throw pillows, lamps, mirrors, and art have inspired a SURPRISE Storewide Accessory Sale.  This Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Sept 23rd-25th) get 20% OFF ALL In-Stock Accessories.  This includes all rugs! 

    I’ve attached some photos of some of our favorites that just hit the floor, and the receiving area is still both “embarrassingly” and “excitingly” chock-a-block with boxes of new goodies, so there is plenty more to come!

    Happy first Friday of Fall (where did summer go????)……..Rebecca

    *New photos just added to “Celadditions” of both accessories and upholstery (take a peek!)

    **Special Thank You to Taloo Lesniak for modeling one of our new tutus!  This one looks too cute (and hilarious)on a Corgi but they are of course made for little girls and they start at $9.

    *** Only 2 weeks left of Semi-Annual Upholstery Sale!!! 20% Off all In-Stock & Special Orders