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    The Congo (it’s finally back!)

    2.15.2012: Update: After months and months and months of waiting..the Congo Bed is Back! They just arrived yesterday… Available in King & Queen.  This bed is one of our long time favorites…Below is a post regarding the bed’s cameo in Elle Decor (aka the Holy Grail of Home Design that arrives once a month) from last year.

    Original Post: 1.06.2011

    I was just thumbing through magazines from this past Spring/Summer to shed some sunshine on this rainy (muggy…yuck!) day. Somehow I missed the May Elle Decor in the Spring and what an issue!! I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Ellen Pompeo’s home, but this month’s showstopper for me was by far “Modern History” by David Coleman. It featured a barn in upstate New York repurposed as a well-styled, comfortable weekend getaway! ( Umm…You’ve had me since hello!…)

    The eclectic mixture of leather and florals, lights and darks, traditional pieces as well as relics from the other side of the globe give the home that push and pull that we LOVE here at Celadon. The way they left the original exposed beams all rugged made the space seem so authentic, all renovations and fancy furniture aside. I was immediately drawn to the large photo of the horses’ heads as we just got in a fantastic (and affordable!!) black & white portrait of a beautiful stallion. I turned the page to see that the couple’s bed is a piece we have carried here at Celadon for years!

    Dubbed, “The Congo Bed,” it has been one of the objects of my desire since I started working here (it’s very hard to work in a place filled with beautiful things). It is rich, sturdy, solid wood and has a sort of British Imperial feel to it. All the weight a room needs! I think India Hicks would love it. We recently learned the story behind this anchor of a bed.

    The owner of the company that makes it was traveling the world in search of adventure and unique furnishings (sounds good to me!!) when his girlfriend purchased a pair of earrings at an outdoor market in South Africa. The earring’s unusual shape and weighty feel soon became the inspiration for the bed we see today.

    We couldn’t love it more, and we are glad to see Elle Decor does too!…..R