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    Color Me Happy, I’m Back!

    Well hello there!!! How I have missed you!  I am not sure Marina and I ever even formally introduced ourselves to you as Celadon’s voices on the World Wide Web, but I guess my “comeback” presents us with a wonderful opportunity to do so! 

     I am Rebecca, Celadon’s Assistant Buyer, and Marina (who has been the lone soldier holding down the fort on this bloggity-blog for almost 2 months, bringing you all kinds of info on everything from the rugs we sell, to the trends we see, to the things we love- BTW…ditto on the Farmer’s Market!!!) has been Celadon’s store manager for 6 years running.

     Marina and I work on very different sides of this business while still working together very closely (cheese-ball as it sounds….small companies are like families). We seek to bring you 2 slightly different perspectives, hope you enjoy what you read, and of course suggest, comment, hey, even vent if you need to on the subjects we broach.

     Sooooo…..that being said…I am so excited to be back-a-bloggin!!!! What a WILD couple of months it has been!!! Elizabeth and I embarked on the most fantastic buying trip to India (stay tuned for big travel entry and photos on this!!!) early this Spring, I hit-up another furniture show closer to home, and in the meantime we have been getting so much new, exciting inventory in that the poor blog has experienced some serious neglect on my account.  Well…I have just been DYING to get back to it and throw in my 2 cents!!!! 

     The topic I have just been so excited about this Spring is COLOR! Yes COLOR! It is alive and well I tell you and bold, saturated, citris-inspired tones have been all the rage as we have scoured the country and beyond for the latest and greatest treasures to bring back to Celadon.  It is all about PINK and ORANGE.  YUMMY….HAPPY…..FUN! 

     Although the shows we attend don’t offer quite the glitz and glamour (umm…not be a long shot :-)) of  New York or Paris Fashion Week….the trends in color, fabric, texture, etc. tend to mirror one another almost identically. I ran across this most interesting feature while listening to NPR (yes, I am a total dork for some NPR) .  This is a super-insightful piece that explains how the company, Pantone, basically and almost unfairly sets the stage for what the next big colors will be each season, and the worlds of fashion, graphic design, home décor and textiles are pretty much to follow suit or be left behind.  Read it! Do it!  You will be happy you did!  And readers take note….this years colors as presented by Pantone…”bamboo”, “emberglow” and “honeysuckle”….aka…yellow, coral, and pink….coincidence?         I think not….  

    At Celadon we love the way this bright pallete has shed some sunlight over the wintertime blues.  Have a look at some of our new goods toasting these colors that just scream, “worry less, enjoy more.” -Sounds good to me!

     Also, see this article from House Beautiful featuring talented local interior designer, Angie Hranowsky, (kudos to Angie!).  Her rooms are all about color…KA-BAM!!! And do take notice of the 2 main color swatches that she used for inspiration…..let’s say it together…PINK and ORANGE 🙂

     Glad to be back…..R