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    Bree’s Daniel Island In-Home

    Welcome to Emily and Chris’s story. I’m Bree, a designer here at Celadon and I’m excited to share my latest project with you!

    I began working with Emily & Chris in early 2013 when all they had were the blue prints of a house… Over the course of a year the foundation was poured, walls were built, cabinets were installed and doors were hung. But this is what makes a house, not a home.  A home is in the details. The details are the personalities of the people, the functions of the family that live there, and the design aesthetic they wish to create– and this is what designers try to bring out.  Emily had two coffee table books “Coastal Style” & “Cabinet of Natural Curiosities” that gave her inspiration.  She loved the texture, the colors and the natural coastal vibe… the warm and cool contrasts… Here are a few inspirational photos she shared:


    emily insp 2

    Photo by:  Emily Jenkins Followill Photography


    Photo from “Coastal Style”

    We began by looking over the blue prints so that we could start space planning. This is the stage when we create a consistent flow throughout the home. The aim is to facilitate the everyday functions of this young family and their kids. Experiencing the space when it was just studs and “dreams” was an incredible opportunity…

    Emily floor plan ex

    Starting from just a vision of what Chris & Emily imagined for their home, I was there to help them bring their dream to a reality.

    Celadon Finds: Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Loungers (from local company) & Ceramic Garden Stool

    emily collage 1

    Celadon Finds: Chrome Hanging Pendants, Charcuterie Board, Glass Buoys, Dining Table, Slipcovered Dining Chairs, Tuscan Bench, Placemats, Plates, Napkins & Rope Napkin rings

    Emily collage 2

    Celadon Finds:  Throw Pillows, Clam Shell, Greenery & Woven Stool

    Emily collage 3

    Celadon Finds:  Jute Pouf, Vintage Wine Sphere, Carved Chair, Block Printed Pillow Cover & Moroccan Metallic Pouf

    Emily collage 4

    Celadon Find:  Distressed Wood Mirror

    Emily collage 5

    Celadon Finds:  Seafoam Vintage Metal Chair, Throw Pillow, Books, Sea Salt Candle & Print

    Emily collage 6

    Celadon Finds:  Teak Coffee Table, Jute Balls, Glass Hurricanes with ivory candles, Books, Sea Salt candle, Throw Pillows, Custom Slipcovered Sofas & Upholstered Chairs

    These are all hand crafted one-of-a-kind pieces and Emily was lucky to find her furniture soul mates at Celadon. Please come peruse our current unique pieces and we’ll help you find your match 😉

    Hope to see you soon,


    Client Testimonial:
    “I want to send along a tremendous, heartfelt thank you to the entire Celadon team for all they have done to help us furnish our home over the last year. Each staff member has been so very kind and helpful as we have made each decision for our home. Bree provided quick follow up with amazing ideas, from upholstery to rugs to accessories, which were perfect for our home. Bree is a dream to work with, as she has a gifted design aesthetic and has an ability to listen to our ideas and execute a plan that aligns her vision with ours. Bree is beyond kind, and a pleasure to work with which really helps make the entire design process great.”  –Emily

    Builder:  Lee Blackmon from Southeastern Custom Homes