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    At Home with the Celadonnas

    Hillary Jenkins, A Celadon Buyer

    We are going behind the scenes and into the homes of our very own Celadonnas! We are so excited to begin this series with one of our newest buyers, Hillary Jenkins. Not only does Hillary work with our buying team to pick out everything you see both in-store and online, she is also a mom to sweet baby boy Jax! We are so lucky to have her! Read below to learn a little more about Hillary and see how she brings her home to life.

    How would you describe your design style? 

    I love all different styles but for my own home Ian a believe in just buying what you like and it will all go together.

    You’re a new mama! Has your design style changed since becoming a mom?

    We have had to put a lot of furniture away and move a lot of plants outside, We had to change it up so that its way more kid friendly.

    What is your favorite space in your home?

    The front porch.

    Favorite quote?

    Attitude is Everything. Today is not Yet Anything. Fill it with Laughter.

    What is one item is your closet you couldn’t live without?

    Oversized jean jacket.

    As a buyer for Celadon, what is your favorite thing to buy for the store?

    Cards and Home Accessories!