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    An Elephant Never Forgets…

    Well Good Afternoon…

    Rain…Rain…Go. Ah.Way. …What a crazy week it has been with all this rain!  Will this month-long rain give it up or what?!

    Tuesday buckets… and buckets and…. BUCKETS of rain seemed to just pour from the sky, and we had to call all hands on deck as we had a ” great flood” here at Celadon (I mean all that rain was just unstoppable!).  Luckily, we were able to work quickly and move the better part of ALL OF THE FURNITURE in the store  so that it could escape damage.

    Never a dull moment!  No major catastrophes to report and nothing like an adventure to keep things exciting.  Wednesday morning the sun came out and it was a new day.  All the “hands-on” work downstairs allowed an opportunity to check-out all of the new stuff we have gotten in these past 2 weeks.  There is a fantastic mix of all kinds of new things just in.

    Elizabeth and I have just finished-up the domestic show season hitting the fairs in Atlanta, Las Vegas and NYC.  Oh what finds!!! It seems we are experiencing a Renaissance of creativity post-recession and people are making all sorts of wonderful new things all over the world.  I have made a promise to myself to post as it arrives and often enough to do it all justice.  Lots to come these next few months.

    Well, one of our storewide/staff-wide favorite new arrivals has been dubbed, “Miss Ellie”.  We have been awaiting her debut since January and she did not disappoint.  She is a serious statement in any space, and I am pretty sure that over half the staff wants to take her home.

    Aside being a general conversation piece, there is something sort of magical about the elephant.  They are said to express advanced sensitivity and social connection to other animals.  You know the old saying, an elephant never forgets…

    In the Hindu way of thinking, the elephant comes in the form of Ganesha who is the god of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon new projects.  The Chinese often associate the elephant with happiness, longevity and good luck, and the mystical creature has long been a symbol of reliability, responsibility (the amount of time and tenderness observed as they carry & care for their young is remarkable), dignity and even royalty in many Western Cultures.

    This extra large animal is truly fascinating, and while we are enjoying her company, we are sure our Ellie will find a happy home soon enough.  She is perfect to oversee a large entry way or on a large console behind a sofa to break-up a big, open space.

    Take a look at some quick snaps of her highness, and check out our FacebookPinterest pages where Grace has recently loaded TONS of new arrivals.  The store is also loaded-up with brand new sofas, chairs & ottomans in great fabrics as our Semi-Annual Upholstery Sale is now in full swing (20% OFF all In-Stock & Special Order—–get-them while they’re hot!). New items in CELADDIONS as well.

    Come say hi to the elephant.  Stay dry! -Rebecca