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    Almost Famous

    We are so fortunate living in a picturesque place like Charleston.  Every now and again on my way to work, I find myself amazed at the fact that I live somewhere where there are beautiful palm trees, lush marshland, and the types of landscapes that I thought I would only experience behind the pages of a Pat Conroy novel.

    Here at celadon, we have the opportunity to work with lots of set designers from movies and television series filmed locally, as they take full advantage of all that this naturally beautiful location has to offer.  One of our favorites to partner with is Army Wives.  Recently, they borrowed some furniture and accessories while filming several scenes at a beach house in the area, and were kind enough to share with us some pictures of how the set design turned out.  You’ll probably be able to spot our stuff, but take a look at our “almost famous” merchandise: Jodie sofa, the driftwood sculpture on the mantle, dark coffee table, gray distressed screen in the corner, two driftwood lamps, large wooden leaf on the kitchen counter, and the driftwood ball in sunroom.   It’s so great to see these pieces as part of someone’s overall vision, particularly as they give the appropriate feel to a set.  Many thanks to Brooke Brunson (and her crew!) from Army Wives for being such a doll to work with.

    Army Wives airs on Lifetime and the new season begins March 6th at 9pm.  This particular episode is the 6th of the season so it should air mid-April.  We appreciate the opportunity to support other local businesses in the community, and thank Army Wives and countless others for their continued support of celadon!