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Happy almost weekend to all! I wanted to take a second and introduce myself to the Celadon blog world! My name is Taylor Sasser and I’m the new Social Media & Advertising guru at Celadon (as of July)! I am really excited to start sharing some great, new things with you!

If you have been following Celadon on social media lately you might know that our big 2-0 birthday is coming up in October! So to celebrate we have been having some pretty fun parties, hosting our favorite things leading up to it! We really don’t want you to miss out on our next one, so we’re extending the invite to you and all of your friends!

Tonight (Thursday, Aug. 14th!) we are hosting two great names; Nationally acclaimed RMS Beauty & local power blogger Jessica Morse of Bare Beauty are going to be joining us at Celadon to celebrate the launch of RMS Beauty’s new pre-fall color line! (See above for details).

We will be giving away a $100 Celadon gift card at the event and RMS Beauty is going to be giving away some great product as well! And if that alone isn’t enough to bring you out, Ooh beautiful! is going to be here giving free mini-makeovers with every purchase, and Jessica Morse will be here to spread some of her beautiful knowledge among us.

If you’re a fan of natural, organic make-up, you really need to experience RMS Beauty! If you aren’t familiar with the product definitely take a peek at Bare Beauty blog (linked in the photo above) and let Jessica tell you all about it! She’s a huge fan and it looks great on her!

Celadon is so excited to host such fun product and great people. We just can’t wait and I look forward to getting to know you better. Hope to see you here!



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Wedding Bliss is here…


This is the time of the year and Charleston is definitely a great place to get married!!  I’m sure many of you have upcoming weddings to attend, so you will need the perfect gift!  Why don’t you get something different than most people??  We have many gifts to choose from that will help the happy couple make their home very lovely! 

These makenge baskets have a wonderful story!  The tradition is the soon to be bride is given a makenge baskets from either her mother or in-laws and will be passed on to the next generation…  These baskets are one-of-a-kind and so durable they can be used for over 100 years!  They are made from the roots of the makenge bush and it takes 1 to 2 months to create just one!  These are great to hang on the wall or on a table!








We also have beautiful Swahili baskets for a pop of color and great storage!






We have other great items for the new couples dining table…

Celadon label Napkins in great colors and only $5!


celadon napkins

Napkins and placemats from a vendor who works directly with women-owned businesses supporting artisan jobs!





How about some beautiful items for the kitchen…




gold platters

Gorgeous dishtowels!



Candles and matches



Don’t forget a card!



You can always get a gift certificate to Celadon for the new married couple so they can find the perfect item(s) for their home!  I hope everyone has a wonderful time during this wedding season!


cards candleandmatches dishtowels swahili2 swahili gold platters bowls napkins placemats celadon napkins makenge1 makenge2

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Spring into Celadon!!

outdoor blog

Spring is here and it is beautiful outside!!! We have so many new items here at Celadon, so come by to check them out when you are out enjoying this weather!  Many of you are “spring cleaning” so you will need some NEW items for your home!

 outdoor blog

All these items can be used indoor or outdoor!!  It is a great time of the year to be on your porch grilling out, so why not bring a lil color and/or design outside?

blog india items

We had a new shipment come in from India and look what arrived…belts, new kanthas, scarves, & bedding!!  All the kanthas and scarfs are one-of-a-kind!


These beautiful scarves are also from India and the revenue earned with these products are used to fund need based development programs throughout India! These are great gifts!!


rattan beds

While our buyers were in Vietnam, we received a container of rattan items (from Vietnam) that include these headboards (which are 30% off right now thru April 9th)!!  We have coffee tables, mirrors, baskets, headboards, ottomans, chairs of all kinds, daybeds, & chaises!!  The buyers were able to go to their factory and see how much hard work it takes to make this furniture!  More to come on this…the buyers are going to write about their travels soon!!  Can’t wait to hear about their trip!!

horn items vietnam blog

These horn cuffs and bangles were market finds in Vietnam and are AMAZING!!  Hurry in before they are gone!!!

These are just a few of the new arrivals…more coming in daily!!  I hope you can make it in to see all the cool, unique items we have here in the store!!  See you soon…


baskets horn items vietnam blog rattan beds scarf blog india items

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