White Triangle Mali Mud Cloth

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Handmade in Mali, these mud cloths are unique and one-of-a-kind adding a fun, inspirational piece to your home and decor. Sizing and coloring may vary due to each being handmade separately. For best care, please hand wash.

The Process Behind Our Mud Cloths:

  • They use locally sourced, handwoven cotton from Mali.
  • The pieces of cotton, called Pagne (1.2 x 2 meter pieces of cloth) are dipped in a tannic acid solution made from leaves and branches of the N’Galaman tree. This solution allows the cotton to become colorfast taking on the natural dyes.
  • The pattern is drawn on the cloth with chalk
  • The reverse of the pattern is colored in with mud and then laid to dry in the sun. This process is done several times until the reverse (background) is as dark as desired.
  • The pattern or white part of the cloth is painted with a bleach and soap solution and then left in the sun for several days.
  • The bleach/soap solution is washed off showing the white pattern against dark background.
  • That is the traditional way but for speed reasons they often dye the entire piece of cloth the darker color and then with a stencil or by hand will paint the pattern with the bleach and soap solution. Applying pattern instead of resist pattern making.

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