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    Local Inspiration from Katie Shields

    L O C A L  I N F L U E N C E R :  K A T I E  S H I E L D S

    Celadon’s Flea & Farmers Market is filled with artisans and makers from all over the Charleston area looking to make a start, or continuing to chase their dreams. We take pride in helping to advocate for our local small businesses, as we too, are a small, local business. This new blog series is spotlighting artists and makers who have made a name for themselves among The Holy City and who help to influence and encourage our vendors and customers alike. We are excited to continue with the owner and creator of local eco-friendly nail salon, Mylk Bar, Katie Shields!


    B E H I N D   T H E   I N S P I R A T I O N


    Tell us about yourself. 


    I grew up on a small, organic farm outside of Athens, GA. Growing up, I kinda thought my parents were hippies hahaha (they are not at all as they’re actually pretty conservative!) We drank raw goat’s milk, I ate packed lunches with spelt bread and really dry almond butter + honey, and oftentimes punishment for bad behavior consisted of mucking horse crap or pulling weeds. Back then, I thought it sucked that my parents didn’t allow us to watch mindless TV shows every night or pack Doritos and Fruit Roll Ups in our lunchboxes. As an adult, I obviously really appreciate how progressive my parents were. It has impacted the way I think, the way I live my life, and how I hope to provide for my children and educate future generations.


    Where do you find your inspiration in Charleston for your work? 


    Everywhere! I would venture to say that most locals, and tourists, are lovers of nature. Charleston is a community that is very much centered around enjoying outdoor living and fortunately our mild climate allows us to do so almost year round. I am always personally drawn to spaces that incorporate the concept of ‘bringing the outside inside”… I think it is important to be surrounded by a lot of plants, have access to sunlight at all times during the day, and use as little artificial light as possible. I am inspired by businesses that have honored this same design concept like Basic Kitchen and Huriyali.


    How would you describe your decorating style? 


    Modern Bohemian. I love mixing mid century modern pieces with raw elements like bamboo, rattan, and woven baskets and rugs. I am also a fan of bold patterns and bright textiles.


    What are some of your favorite recent pieces from Celadon? 


    So many! In my home, my favorite chairs are the white, suede gaucho chairs I purchased off the floor a couple years ago. We also custom ordered a set of Robin Bruce swivel chairs and they were definitely worth the investment and wait. It is really difficult to find a low back swivel chair, which we needed so as not to block our TV (we do watch a lot of football)! I was specifically drawn to this set of outdoor furniture because it is neutral and timeless (the set we photographed). This set would look amazing against a pink stucco wall with lots of green plants. We are about to build a home (again) and I really want a pink stucco outdoor living space!



    Photo by Andrea Kinnear Photography



    Photo by Andrea Kinnear Photography


    What is your favorite part of the Celadon Flea & Farmers Market?


     It is hands down the BEST place to find up and coming local makers. Celadon Flea is where I discovered Chelsea and Ellis from Ryker Restorations. They have done some amazing custom shelving, doors, and furniture for both my business and home. It is also where I first met Sydney from Barracuda Moon Jewelry and I absolutely adore her work.



    L I T T L E   F U N   N O T E S

    Can’t live without Coconuts

    Favorite dish Hometeam’s pulled pork nachos

    Horoscope sign Leo

    City you were born in Athens, GA

    Place wished to visit most Marrakesh is next on my list

    Favorite word Serendipitous

    If you were an animal Cheetah

    Biggest fear Not having enough time to accomplish everything I want to do



    Thank you Katie, you are a blast!

    To find out more about Katie and Mylk Bar, read more here!


    (All furniture and accessories by Celadon.)